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Silver Falcons :: Mandate

As official display team of the SAAF, the role of the Silver Falcons can be defined by the points below:
  1. To promote the South African Air Force to the public.
  2. To encourage South African youth to consider a career in the SAAF (recruitment).
  3. To display the inherent skills of ALL SAAF pilots.
  4. To display the capabilities of the PC-7 MkII.
In considering the roles that the Silver Falcons fulfill within the SAAF and the South African National Defence Force as a whole, it is important to take into account a few important changes in the political and economic climate over the last 20 odd years.

The last significant conflict that the SAAF was involved in was the Border War, more than 20 years ago, and since the birth of democarcy in South Africa in 1994 and the subsequent need to re-build the rainbow nation, the DOD budget began to shrink. In this time the SAAF has been on a constant drive to down-scale and to learn to fight "smaller and smarter" with an ever decreasing buf\dget. The result of this is that the SAAF has faded signiftcantly from the public eye in the last 20 years, and as such many people below the age of 30 do not even realise that we have an Air Force!

Based on the situation described above it would seem that the first 2 objectives above have become the most important. Our youth, in particular, need to see that there is an Air Force and that the prospect af a career in the orginisation is an exciting one. Perhaps equally important though, is for the parents of these youngsters to feel confident that a career in the SAAF is a worthy option for their child and should be considered along with the more "traditional" careers of lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc. Many of the older generation are also of the impression that the SAAF has "gone to the dogs: and this would be where the last 2 objectives play an important role in restoring the faith in our Air Force.

Another result of this decreased budget is that the SAAF needs to prioritse its funding to ensure it is still able to fulfill its primary mandate, namely the defence of the country and its airspace. Air displays and capability demonstrations, while important for the reasons mentioned above, will naturally be fairly low in the order of priority. This means that the Silver Falcons are often the only SAAF representation at a particular event, making the purpose of the team all the more significant.
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