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By now it should be obvious that the biggest challenge facing the SAAF and the Silver Falcons, in this present day and age, is funding.
The SAAF is doing its best to cover all the bases and, at least, kep the Silver Falcons in the air, but the budget simply does not exist to get the public image of the team to be representative of the standard displayed in the air over the past 45 years.

Being passionate about the orginization in which we server, as well as the elite team that we arehonoored to be part of, the current Silver Faclons team wisshes to do everything possible to improve the public image of the Silver Falcons and reflect the SAAF's values of "excellence in ALL we do".

The following areas have been identified for improvement:
  1. Team Apparel
  2. Silver Falcons Crew Room / Museum
  3. Silver Falcons Mechandise Stall
Silver Falcons :: Sponsorship
Just as the aircraft received their own identity in 2008, so the team personnel would like to establish an identity that stands out and represents the professionalism of the individuals and the orginization. The idea would be to ensure that every member of the team is equipped with items that will be essential to his / her daily task as a Silver Falcon and also to ensure that there is uniformity, and an air of professionalism, any time that the team is seen in public together. To this end, the following items have been identified as a requirement to achieve this ideal:
  1. Working dress:: In the case of a pilot this would be a Flight Suit, and for a support crew member a two piece coverall. This would be worn during daily operations at an event.
  2. Golf Shirt:: Multi purpose item that can be used at smart casual functions as well as a "travelling kit" item. Particularly in the case of the support crew
  3. Cold weather jacket:: For use with the working dress or at smart casual functions during the colder months.
  4. Blazer and Tie:: This would be presented to each member upon their selection, as part of a "capping ceremony" to promote esprit de corps. It will also be used for any formal function.
  5. A Tracksuit:: The support crew, in particular, often has to travel long distances by road in order to get to various events. A tracksuit provides a comfortable yet uniform item that could be worn during travel and also any other time that a "working dress" in not requires. In addition, the tracksuit top could be worn as a casual item if the cold weather jacket is to extreme.
  6. Luggage:: A travel bag would also be required to create a team identity whilst traveling together, either by air or by ground.
  7. Formal shirt:: To bridge the gap betwen the Golf shirt and the Blazer and Tie, for functions and events that are smart casual.
  8. A T-Shirt:: This would be a multi-purpose item that could be worn under the working dress or on its own for casual events and in the case of the support crew, when the aircraft are physically being worked on.
  9. There are many "smaller items" items that are required,eg: Basaball caps, Name Badges, PPE (personnel protective equipment), etc but these would be more specific to certain elements of theteam and to numerous to mention here.
Silver Falcons :: Sponsorship
The team were recently allocated a room at the Central Flying School (where the team is based) to utilise for this purpose. The idea is turn the space into a multi-purppose briefing room and entertainment area, as well as a place to display the history of the team. At present, all of the team history, collected over the last 45 yeras, is stored at the flying school but has not had an area dedicated to the purpose of showcasing all the various memorabilia. The romm is big enough and has a lot of potential, but will require a significant amount of money to furnish and convert it into the area envisaged by the team.

Silver Falcons :: Sponsorship
To properly fulfill the team's promotion and recruitment aspects of our mandate, it is important to have an area where the public can interact with the team in between the flying displays at a particular event. This also provides an outlet to sell team memorabilia to the public, which in turn provides another avenue to generate funds. Most of the exhibits at airshows and other events where the team would perform, are typically understated and plain looking. It is the team's desire to have a stall which would attract attention at an event, based on its presence and professional image and stands out from the rest to further identify the SAAF as the professional orginization that it is.

There is a significant amount of money required to get all these projects up and running and, due to the reasons stated earlier, it is only going to be possible with the help of sponsorship and donations from outside entities.
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